Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Lately, I've felt like I've had such a productive week. I got every last piece of dirty laundry washed, dried, AND PUT AWAY. That's huge for me. And I had been doing a few loads every day to stay on top of it. And I had been cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom. I've washed all the dishes I seldom use so I can wash out the insides of my cabinets. I've washed down all the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap. I've cleaned the fridge inside and out. It looks new again. Anyway, I think you get the picture. I have really been on the ball.

Enter Sunday... We went to church on Sunday morning and came home to dinner already cooked (see, I told you I was on top of things!). Then Hubby and the oldest son had to go to work. I hate it when they have to work on Sunday. But it happens sometimes. The other 2 boys and I decided to have a chill day that day. We hung out in front of the tv watching movies all day. They didn't have any bickering or anything. It was a really good day actually.

Then Monday comes around. I had a migraine. So I did nothing but lay in a dark room all day. I hate it when I get like that. I didn't even cook. I had some frozen chicken patties in the freezer, so my guys had chicken sandwiches and fries for dinner. And yet, they still managed to dirty up almost every dish in the kitchen!

And yesterday, NOT A GOOD DAY. My husband has a history of having blood clots. About 3 years ago, he had one to get in the deep vein and it caused him to be in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks. Talk about hard! And scary too. I never realized how life threatening a blood clot is. If it is in the deep vein, it can break off at any time and go to your lung. That is very very dangerous. So anyway, he has been having some swelling of his leg along with a bit of pain. Yesterday morning when he came home from work (he works night shift) he said he thought he had another blood clot. So we were at the doctor all day. He had to go back again today, and we have to go back in the AM tomorrow also.

The point of this story is, if I take just a few days off of cleaning, my house looks like a pig pin!! And I have a huge mountain of laundry. UGH. I only have 5 people in my family and the amount of laundry is ridiculous. I can't even imagine how someone that has 5+ kids keeps up with it!

*If you don't hear from me for a few days, I'll probably be at the hospital or in my laundry room. And I really dislike both places. Say a little prayer from my man when you pray that everything will be okay with the blood clot.

*Who am I kidding? No one will miss me. Not with the way I am about updating my blog. LOL It will just be kinda normal if I don't update for a few months again. Hahahaaa.

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